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Target Your Audience

Grow your Twitter reach the smart way by focusing on your specific niche market or audience. With FreeUnfollow's powerful "Target Users" feature you can target by keyword, Twitter username or industry.

Follow Active Users

Twitter users aren't all created equally. No one knows that better than us. With FreeUnfollow you won't waste time following users that aren't active or unresponsive. You will be able to quickly and easily follow the most active users in your specific niche market.

Unfollow The Deadwood

There's no need to settle for second best. If there are users that you are following that just aren't cutting the mustard we'll be sure to let you know so that you can clear the way for more valuable users.

Expanding your social footprint takes work. Why not let FreeUnfollow do all the heavy lifting for you?

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What our users are saying about us...

Johnny Davis

I love this service guys. It is super user-friendly and makes building and managing my Twitter account an absolute breeze. I am usually pretty leary of anything free as there is usually some sort of catch however I was pleasantly surprised that's not the case here. Kudos to you.

Belinda Mayweather

Freeunfollow is brilliant! They have all the features you really need and none of the confusing ones. I have seen other companies trying to imitate their functionality and charge $20 or more monthly. Thank you for providing such a reliable, easy to use system!